Services provided by Complete Fire Compliance include

Fire Hydrant System Commissioning Booster Testing including Pre-Inspection Compliance Report/Checklist

Fire Hydrant System Commissioning Booster Testing

5 Yearly Fire Hydrant System Maintenance Booster Testing

Flow & Pressure Testing - Street & On-site Fire Hydrants

Fire Hose Reel Flow Testing & Tagging

Annual Fire Hydrant System Flow and Pressure Testing

Portable Fire Equipment Installation & Maintenance

Fire Drafting Services - Evacuation Diagrams / Zone Plans / Block Plans

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what we do

Complete Fire Compliance specializes in inspection & testing of fire hydrant systems for new & existing commercial buildings.


Pre-inspection of the Fire Hydrant System is conducted by CFC before testing can be completed. This will ensure the system is complete and ready for testing.

Pre-Inspection items include:

  • Booster Assembly
  • Hydrants & Hose Reels
  • Pumps & Pump House
  • Fire Tanks
  • Fire Pump Run Lights
  • Ring Mains
  • Fire Appliance Access

CFC will provide a pre-inspection report/checklist detailing any outstanding items to be completed.

Fire Safety Equipment Signage documentation will be provided to assist with signage requirements for the fire hydrant system. The FSES document has been compiled from the National Construction Codes (BCA), Australian Standards and DFES Operational Requirements.


Testing of the Fire Hydrant System is undertaken in accordance with AS2419 Section 10.

Testing includes:

    • Discharging of the required number of the most hydraulically disadvantaged hydrant/s.
    • Investigate and measure the pressure in water agency mains, supported by relevant calculations.
    • Systems that incorporate a Booster – A pumping appliance boosting the system is used to flow the required number of most hydraulically disadvantaged hydrants in accordance with Table 2.3 of (AS2419).
    • Systems that incorporate a Pump/s – The required pump or pump group is separately operated, the required number of most hydraulically disadvantaged hydrants shall discharge at the required outlet pressure & flow rate. The pressure and flow rate at each hydrant outlet will be recorded for each pump or pump group operating, including pump operating pressures.
    • Systems that incorporate a Tank – Where a tank is incorporated CFC’s pumping appliance will be connected to the tank (Storz) and the system boosted to achieve the required flow rate and outlet pressure at the required number of most hydraulically disadvantaged hydrants. The pressure and flow rate at each hydrant outlet will be recorded as part of our test results.
    • Test Results recorded and issued to the relevant authorities.
  • Photos evidence of test pressure and flows recorded.


Complete Fire Compliance are happy to provide Commissioning Test Results for the Fire Hydrant System when:

  • The fire hydrant system test conducted have met the requirements of AS2419.1 Section 10 – Commissioning

Please note: Fire Hydrant System Commissioning Test Results provided by CFC is for the hydraulic performance of the fire hydrant system (only).

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